Aly is a New York-based lifestyles writer and editor.

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13 ways to break out of your beauty rut in 2016

We've rounded up a few of our favorite ways to break out of old beauty habits and embrace some new ones....

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15 fresh new haircuts to try this spring — and how to ask for them!

From Khloe Kardashian's hair to Rihanna's bob, here are the hottest haircuts to try in 2016....

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25 drugstore skincare products that top celebrity specialists love

Which drugstore skincare products really work? Celebrity experts spill their favorites — plus a few helpful tips....

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29 drugstore hair products celebrity stylists and colorists swear by

Top celebrity hair stylists spill their picks for the best drugstore shampoos, hairsprays, oils and more to buy now....

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31 tips to speed up your morning beauty routine

There never seems to be enough time to get ready, but trying one (or all) of these tips will speed up your morning routine....

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32 old-school beauty tricks you need to try now

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked some great beauty experts what they learned from their favorite experts — their moms and grandmas!...

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4 tips (and one awesome new invention) to make folding laundry less of a chore

A new company has raised over $181,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for a contraption that will practically fold your clothes for you....

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6 simple tricks to instantly look better in any photo -

6 simple tricks to instantly look better in any pho...

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7 steps to chip-proofing your pedicure -

7 steps to chip-proofing your pedicure -

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9 mistakes professional makeup artists hate — and how to avoid them

These are the common makeup mistakes that drive professional beauty experts crazy....

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Aly Walansky (alywalansky) on Twitter

Aly Walansky (alywalansky) on Twitter

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Babylights: Yup, the hottest new beauty trend is ... looking like a baby

We all want baby-soft skin, but what about baby-colored hair?...

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Bold, sexy and downright daring: Our favorite looks from the AMAs

From barely-there gowns, to red sequins and vampy capes, these are the looks we were coveting last night....

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Brunette to blonde, will it work on you? Secrets from a celebrity stylist

Lucy Hale has said goodbye to her brunette locks to embrace life as a blonde....

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Daylight saving time tricks to fake a great night's sleep - Style ...

Daylight saving time tricks to fake a great night's...