Aly is a New York-based lifestyles writer and editor.

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10 No-Good Habits That Could Secretly Be Making You Gain Weight

By Aly Walansky With summer here, we're trying more than ever to fit into our skimpiest shorts. But sometimes, it seems like an uphill battle......

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11 Travel Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

My assignments involve a great deal of travel -- usually every few weeks, often international. Several years into an increasingly busy travel and lifesty......

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20 Ridiculous Sex Facts That Will SHOCK You!

Here are 20 of the weirdest, wildest and most frightening sex facts ever. You've been warned!!!...

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Aly Walansky. As you reach your thirties, it gets increasingly difficult to make true and lasting friends. Why is that? And what can we do about it? Read Whole ......

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4 (Beauty) Reasons Jared Leto Is Our Fantasy Boyfriend

Dear Jared Leto, Not to be creepy (or... too creepy) but we've been in love with you since roughly 1994. When Angela was stalking Jordan, we thought ab......

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4 Things I Learned About Friendship In My 30s

When you are young, making friends feels effortless. You fall into deeply intimate friendships with the girl who sits next to you in math class, your ......

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5 Best Places To Get It On In Public (Without Getting Caught)

A guide to quickies outdoors or in a bar can be quite fun....

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7 Reasons Being Single Makes You Healthier, According To Science

By Aly Walansky Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship isn't a good enough reason, no matter how badly you need to feel "complet......

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7 Reasons People Who Travel Are More Likely To Be Successful

By Aly Walansky We all want to be successful, and some of us will be, while others won't. There's a lot of debate about what creates the road t......

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8 Sexy Cities to Travel With Your Girlfriends This Summer | Aly ...

8 Sexy Cities to Travel With Your Girlfriends This ...

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Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is the beauty and fashion editor for and a style columnist for While she is well-known for her beauty and style writing -- New Beauty Magazine rated her one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web in their Winter 2010 issue -- she's rather diversified in the social media realm. She's been seen live-blogging everywhere from the Miss America Pageant to the red carpets of the Emmy and Academy awards, to local festivities like the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Follow her on Twitter at @alywalansky.

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Aly Walansky: My So-Called Setback: Learning to "Do My Own Thing"

I had always dreamed of being a writer, but to take that leap would mean abandoning the comfort zone of guaranteed income.

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Awkward! 5 People Dish On Faking The Big 'O'

You're really not as good at it as you may think you are....

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Breaking Up With a Friend

Aly Walansky | Posted 01.29.2014 | Women. Read More: Breaks, Friendships, Relationships, Arguments, Friend Break Ups, Friend Breakup, Female Friendship , ......

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BREAKING: You Can Now Implant A Permanent Vibrator In Your Vagina

With an invention like this who needs a partner?...