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Brazilian Blowout Ordered To Admit Cancer Risk

Perhaps one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics in the hair care industry for the last few years-hair-straightening treatments and their safety. And they're back ......

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Could Spray-Tans Be Toxic? - Sunless Tanner/Self-Tanner - Skin ...

With summer approaching, many people are going to tanning salons to get their tans, instead of lying out in the sun. It's healthier, right? Or maybe not. Are the chemicals the booths spray on customers safe for humans? The FDA has posted a statement about the use of the chemical DHA in tanning sprays. Essentially it's a dye. It's approved to spray on skin, but it is not approved for contact with eyes, lips or the mucous membranes. The FDA also says you shouldn't breathe in the mist. So, while inside the tanning booth, hold your breath and cover your nose and your eyes. And good luck.

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Great Lengths of Lashes: LashDip - Sparse Eyelashes - Face ...

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to try out LashDip, a pharmaceutical-grade, gel eyelash coating. I was counting the hours-I've been an eyelash extensions fan for a while now, but as I'm a natural blonde, I often get this zebra-like effect as the lashes shed. But this is a whole other experience: a special gel is put on the eyelashes, which are then manipulated and designed in any way you desire-one dip equals dark, painted lashes that last up to six weeks. I opted to add extensions, too, pre-dip, and the results were stunning. But if you already have super-long lashes (can they ever be TOO long?) or aren't a fan of the adhesives used in extensions, the dip itself may be a great option for you. It's blacker than your best mascara, and the dip alone increases the volume and length of natural lashes, and even makes them lift and curve. Plus, no worries of smudging or raccoon eyes-the results last for about a month, maybe longer, while providing lift, curve and separation. You may be familiar with Las

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Is Your BlackBerry Giving You Wrinkles? - Crow's Feet - Face ...

Wrinkles may be a sign of approaching middle age but many of us Blackberry-obsessed girls have a reason to worry - the smart phone squint. Think about it: Peering at a small screen causes facial strain, around and between the brows, which may cause premature wrinkles on the face. Here are some tips to save your face (and your insanity): 1. Take a break – It's important to put down or at least glance up from your phone regularly so that your eyes can rest. Though squinting is necessary, taking time to relax your eyes can make a significant difference in reducing this new type of strain on your facial muscles. 2. Turn the light down low – Too much light and contrast can cause you to narrow the eyes to take in the brightness. A no-no for fresh-looking eye contours. Combat the dreaded ‘crow's feet' effect by dimming the screen in your ‘settings' options-and see how low you can go on the light emission. The less, the better. (As a bonus, this will also help preserve your phone's ba

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Smoother Strands Without Harsh Chemicals

Lusting after smooth straight strands (a la stars like Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore) is something most curly, or frizzy-haired women do on occasion. Wait, stop right there. Who......

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Spray Tans Might Cause Cancer Too

We've talked about all of the ways that the sun can age you and cause melanoma. So if you've listened to all of our pleas to wear sunscreen daily and to avoid tanning beds at al......

The Ultimate Mother's Day Find - Straightening - Hair - DailyBeauty ...

I don't know about your moms-but my mom is still very much a Grease-esque Pink Lady at heart, and shares my love of the girliest of the girlie. That's why when I first laid my eyes on the SEDU Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron and SEDU Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer, both available in pink, I realized it was a great Mother's Day find. The only issue I had was figuring which one of us was going to score it. Answer? Maybe we'll share, because there's no way I'm giving up the facade of shiny and healthy that these ultra-smooth plates give my hair. Plus, the aforementioned pink is complete cuteness. Speaking of cuteness-I have decided on the look I will be debuting for MY Mother's Day weekend festivities. Remember my “Grease” reference above? I am going to create final-scene Pink Lady Sandy curls! I have used this fabulous hair dryer/flat iron duo to create CURLS, and it was incredibly easy. That's right: Flat irons DO NOT have to be all about superstraight hair. Never fo

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What To Expect From Keratin Treatments

If you're considering a keratin treatment in hopes of waking up every day with effortlessly pin-straight hair, you may be disappointed by the actual results. Keratin basically ......