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13 Expert Tips to Help You Sleep on Your Next Flight (Really)

As much as we love to travel, the flight itself can be something of an ordeal — and worst of all are those long-haul all-nighters. (Right, Lisa Rinna?) We know the secret to feeling fresh and ready to explore upon our arrival is to get some rest in flight, but...

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14 Must-Have Gadgets for the Traveling Technophile

No matter how remote the destination may be, technophile jet setters wouldn't dream of winging away without the best gadgets in the game. Here are some of our absolute favorites.[listicle number="1" title="I.Am+ Bluetooth Headphones"][/listicle]...

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3 Offbeat His-and-Hers Spa Treatments, Inspired by Heather and Terry Dubrow

On a recent episode of #RHOC, we saw Heather Dubrow and Dr. Terry take a racy spin on the traditional couples massage: They went for a his-and-hers steaming—hers vaginal, his anal—held hands, and documented the whole process for their upcoming book....

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5 Hot Boozy Drinks That May Help Us Survive This Stupid Winter

While we’d like to make like bears and hibernate until spring, the reality is that we just have to deal with this ridiculous winter. Hot boozy drinks may not turn back time, move us forward any faster or make the streets any less icy, but we may be able to...

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5 Reasons Why We're Eating a Ton of Brussels Sprouts Right Now

Yes, this season is jam-packed with heavy foods, even heavier cocktails, and way too many sweets (not that we're complaining), but here's some salvation from all that gluttony: We’re also eating a whole lot of brussels sprouts lately. Here's why.[listicle number="1" title="Appreciate brussels sprouts while you can"]Appreciate them while you...

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6 Fresh Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Beauty-Loving Bride

If partying all night in a Vegas nightclub isn't your thing, don't feel like you can't have a stellar bachelorette party. For the bride-to-be who loves beauty, there are options galore for your bridal shower or bachelorette party! Blow It...

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6 Times Blac Chyna's Cooking Videos Actually Made Us Pretty Jealous

Let's be honest: Blac Chyna's Kardashian-proximity, hip-hop connections and Instagram stardom have way more to do with her ever-growing fame than her not-so-secret life as a home cook. But lately, her “Cooking with Chyna” cooking videos on Snapchat and Instagram have gotten more prolific, and gained even more attention. Bizarre...

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6 Ways Going On Vacation Actually Makes You Better at Your Job

We may fantasize about vacation because we feel a deep need to escape from work — but what if going on vacation actually made us better at work? Experts say it absolutely does. Here's how: 1Travel keeps you curious....

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Dream Come True? This New Device Makes Healthy Low-Fat Foods Taste Like Decadent Treats

How often do we gaze intently at our beautiful salad, fantasizing that we could transform it into the greasy pizza or burrito that we actually want to be eating?  Science may be about to give us the next best thing: the Gas Chromatograph-Olfactometry Associated Taste device, otherwise known as the GC-OAT....

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Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Helps Your Brain, Says Miraculous New Study

If that bowl of oatmeal is looking downright depressing, there's another breakfast option to consider—one that you're pretty sure is the worst idea of all, but actually maybe isn't....

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Forget the Resolutions and Eat These Awesome Pancakes Now!

After a week or two of holiday excesses, we’re not quite ready to get all virtuous with our breakfast choices. For this back-to-work week, we're thinking pancakes, lots and lots of pancakes, in all kinds of flavors we've never even dreamed up before. Now that's a resolution we can definitely...

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Fried Chicken Taco Shells?! 4 Brave New Ways of Eating Your Fried Chicken

No doubt you've noticed fried chicken is everywhere lately, but did you realize that it's actually everywhere? Fried chicken now doubles as a sandwich bun, taco shell, pizza crust, and more. Scary? Kind of. Too scary to eat? Nah.[listicle number="1" title="Double Down"]Double Down[/listicle]...

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Grilled Cheese Latkes! 6 Delicious Spins on Classic Potato Pancakes

It's hard to argue with the deliciousness of your basic latke, that piping-hot, crispy, savory potato pancake that forms a much-anticipated part of the Hanukkah celebration. But even a plate of fried potatoes can get a little boring after a while. And while there are lots of ways you can...

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Gross! Don't Make These 5 Food Etiquette Mistakes on a Plane

If you’ve ever been on a plane only to have someone sit down next to you and start noisily chewing on a tuna salad sandwich to kick off a long-haul flight, you know the seemingly endless hell supplied by people who lack acknowledgment of the basic rules of airplane food...

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Guess Which Airlines Have the Most Healthy Food — And the Least

At this time of year especially, many folks are doing a great deal of traveling. If this involves long-haul flights, that probably includes nearly unavoidable in-flight meals....